Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fun Found Things: Pt 2!

Remember that time I used to blog? Yeah, I don't really either. Life is bananas right now..I'm throwing around the word "coping" a lot..and I had Chick-fil-a three nights for dinner this last week. So, I don't exactly have a lot to update y'all on (maybe when things have quieted down a little), but, after reading through some of my blogs..I've got a few things that HAVE to be shared.

 1// 49 PHRASES to Calm An Anxious Child.
But for real, it's for adults too.

2// What? FITNESS PROS are insecure too?
Obviously, they're human. I just don't think people think they do. 

3// Living with BIG EMOTIONS.
The third solid read in a row. I loved all three. So applicable to my life right now.

4// There's new flavors of M&MS!
Spoiler alert: they're all bad. The Everywhereist always says exactly what we're all thinking.

5// Places to go: The TREE CHURCH!
Uh, can I just live in the tree church? Because I wanna.

and, a song:

Oh, because you've been listening to something OTHER than Lemonade this week? 

1. Those are CHILDREN. Except for the guy with the dreads at the beginning. He does by Wildebeast..he does all the choreography. 
2. The girl in the purple..right?!

K, byeeeeee