Saturday, February 28, 2015

Being thankful. (or the post where I get all kinds of sappy)

Today was another snow day. And after all of the staying inside and Netflix watching I've been doing lately - I might have had a mini breakdown on the phone with my dad this morning (being cooped up in not one of my favorite things). And after this breakdown, I received this text message:

And after giving it some thought, I thought I'd follow my father's advice. And without further ado..24 Blessings and Good Things In My Life (24 because I'm 24 for a few more weeks!):

1// God's grace - and I know that probably sounds like a cliche first answer, and it might be - but there's truth to it. Without faith and love, my life would spin out way more often than it does, and life would be so much harder.

2// Mom and Daddy

Without my father's prompting, they would have been at the top of my list anyway. In my twenty four years, there have never been bigger fans, bigger supporters and best friends.

3// My brother, sister, sister in law, nieces and nephew - 

These people are all the above things, and more! I couldn't even begin to tell you how much I love them and really can't imagine life without every joke, every hug and every day that I'm reminded that in this world I'm never alone. And I like that.

4// Mallory -

Eighteen years: many Sunday afternoons, one move out of the country, one bout with cancer, and four thousand times that I've missed you and loved you! I'm thankful and blessed to call you my best friend - and I look forward to the day when we live closer than 15 hours from each other. (you hear that Austin? ;) )

5// My extended family - 

These aren't pictures of all of my people - but you all know who you are! And I love each and every one of you very much.

6// Austin, Amanda, Caitlin and Justin - 

College wouldn't have been the same without you four. My own little college family, and I'm so glad that we've stayed friends. It's kind of a for life thing, so I hope you all know that :)

7// The Man Friend - You keep me on my toes, you make me laugh and it's weird to think of life without you now. And I look forward to annoying you for a while. It'll be fun!

8// Art - 

I can hardly remember a time in my life when art wasn't in it. I remember being perfectly happy at around four years old with a big easel and paints. And then from there it was winning small ribbons in high school competitions, and murals on walls. Life is good with art in it people. Life is good.

9// Running - You should all know by now that I know you think I'm crazy for running a million miles, and I still don't agree. When I was a junior in college, my life needed something. And even with the deep, deep hatred for running in the past - running it was. My life and my body have only good things to say about should all do it!

10// Books, libraries, Barnes and Noble, and Half Price Books - I never thought that I was much of a reader..that was always my sister's deal. But ever since I moved to Fort Worth, I found myself going to one of these places fairly often. I love the quietness and really - being with all of those books makes me happy! 

11// Dara - 

Many miles, many talks. This girl is the best - a fabulous friend who listens to all of my chattiness at 6:30 in the morning and has the best advice. I'm thankful for you, pal. 

12// Walks through my neighborhood - I've fallen in love with the neighborhood. Okay, not really my neighborhood per say (partly because my neighborhood is part college, part high school - and really too many cars and frat parties to enjoy it), but the one next to it. I frequently go on walks and look at the houses - and dream about owning my own house. I can't wait to one day.

13// Avocados - ha, you thought I'd go through this list without mentioning something fairly silly. I'm obsessed. I eat at least 3 a week.

14// Runs with my dad - 

Crossing the finish line of my first marathon with a man who was undertrained for a marathon, but ran the marathon because it was my first - was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, moment of my life! And the culmination of years of runs with my dad made it even better. And I look forward to many, many more runs with him!

15// TV shows with my mom - one of my favorite things is watching "Say Yes to the Dress", "The Amazing Race" or an HGTV show curled up next to my mom. We have the best time chatting about the tv show and laughing.

16// Donuts - I feel like this explains itself. Especially with sprinkles. 

17// The Denver Broncos - 

Some of my favorite memories have been in and around Broncos's games. My whole family and I are fans, and for six months out of the year - I only tweet about the Broncos. Sorry I'm not sorry!

18// Movie soundtracks and Candy Crush - it sounds funny, but it's one of the things that calms me down in the evening - especially when my anxiety has gotten a hold of me. "Dances With Wolves" is actually my favorite soundtrack..if you were wondering.

19// Popcorn, Twizzlers, and Reeses Pieces at the movies - growing up my dad always bought us popcorn, Twizzlers and Reeses Pieces at the movies, and it always reminds me of childhood and my sweet family. Yum. 

20// My relationship with my Grandma - 

I've been fortunate enough to have strong, independent, hard-working, beautiful women to look up to in my life. My grandma Scott (the lady on left!) and I have always had a great relationship, and I'm so thankful for her constant support in anything I try. I only hope to be as great as her when I grow up. (and any of the women in that photo! I come from a long line of badass women, y'all.)

21// Netflix - everyone knows my love for Netflix, but seriously - I love it. I love having tv shows and movies at my finger tips. And I am so thankful that my parents have it and I can mooch off of them. Hi mom and dad!

22// Letters - 

I love the written word. Words are my love language! Especially from my niece and nephew. They really make my heart so full!

23// Music - 

I love music. More than many things in life. (and for the record, ZZ Top and James Taylor are AMAZING y'all.) And silence is always is better.

24// Texas - 

I love living here. The warm weather (most of the time!), the cowboy boots, the country music. I never thought I would like this place as much as I do. And really I don't want to live anywhere else right now.

And I hope you all remember that you can always do this yourself when you're feeling blue! It's a good time, and you're always reminded that you are loved.

My grandpa always used to say that he was "great, but getting better." 
Life can always get better. 

- C

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites [2.27.15]

Welcome, welcome. I'm a little late on the blogging train (5:30 pm..whatevs) today. I got to spend my morning at work and then spent an hour getting home from work. Texas is getting all kinds of snow, for some odd reason - and people just can't deal. It's unfortunate. But, onto the good things:

1. This gif..because, Heavyweights:

Heavyweights has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. If you haven't watched it, you should. Go now. It's a good snow day movie. Or any day movie.

2. "The Big Bang Theory" and "Gilmore Girls"

I'm obsessed

And I keep wondering why I didn't watch Gilmore Girls when it was on. Probably because my sister watched it..and I didn't want to do anything she did. Especially her phase when she would watch Oprah every day. Oops..I wasn't supposed to share that, was I? ;)

3.  The library. I went on Wednesday and was able to check out Sam Hunt's new cd. It's fantastic. The man is hot AND can sing really well.

"Break Up in A Small Town"

4. Is anyone incredibly distracted by the Oprah gif?

Me too.

Oh, number four's favorite would have to be:

No, I haven't gotten anymore Nike's yet. But I'm already shopping for my next pair - and I love these!  I hope someone remembers them when my birthday rolls around next month.

Just saying.

5. Yesterday: wandering around Barnes and Noble (that place just soothes my that weird to say? It's one of my happy places), watching Sons of Anarchy and eating a Double Doozie (two cookies with frosting in the middle. Life changing). Day dates with my man friend are my favorite :) 

Hope y'all have a good weekend.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Johnny Cash.

Today is Johnny's 83 Birthday. And the man deserves a post.

My favorite Cash song is a cover of a Nine Inch Nails song called "Hurt". I realize it isn't his song (being a cover and all), but Johnny absolutely crushes it. Enjoy:

And you can't talk about the Man in Black without:


And one more, with his love, June:

Which is my favorite song they did together..and coincidentally, it's a Bob Dylan cover. I guess I like Johnny's versions more than the OG. Oops.

Check HERE for some life-affirming words from the man himself.
And HERE for some personal notes he wrote. The one to June is beautiful. more song for the road:

"She Used to Love Me A Lot" is from an posthumous album, released in 2014 through Legacy Records. The songs on the album were from lost recording sessions in the 80's, that were filed away by his record company at the time and found by his son in 2012. 

Because you're mine, I walk the line
- C

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday Weekday Update [2.25.15]

To know how my week is going you have to know that I've only ran once.

To know how my week is going you have to know I listened to metal while running. Loud.

To know how my week is going you have to know I've eaten 1.5 pints of ice cream..and bought another at the grocery store just now. And I plan on eating it all.

(p.s. I once saw Lieutenant Dan, otherwise known as Gary Sinise, speak at a charity event. 
I was like 10 feet from him. It was awesome.)

To know how my week is going you have to know I've been cooped up in my house because of ice. And grown up snow days aren't nearly as fun as when you were a kid.

To know how my week is going you have to know that I'm already in my pajamas and glasses. At 5 in the evening.

And really, I feel like this:

so I plan on staying in my room, watching Gilmore Girls, and eating another pint of ice cream. Because some weeks just aren't your week.

And I've accepted that.

- C

Monday, February 23, 2015

Ask her.

"Ask her what she craved and she'd get a little frantic about things like books, the woods, music. Plants and the seasons. Also freedom." - Charles Frazier

Monday's Mixtape [2.23.15] & some other goodies.

This Monday is all about me, my bed and my Netflix. I have a few seasons episodes of Sons of Anarchy to catch up on, and when the weather outside is frightful..there's really only thing to do. And, as for todays picks - I'm going with some warm weather tunes. Jams you'll hear while on the beach, with a drank drink in your hand..enjoy!

Sunny and 75 - Joe Nichols

"Sunny and 75" is one of my favorite Joe Nichols songs. 
And Joe is one of my favorite voices in country - and "Yeah" is also an honorable mention with Joe. It's another feel good, summer kind of song.

Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

I know, I seems like a really obvious choice for a summery song - but let me know when you actually get sick of this song. I'll wait.

Summer Time Blues - Alan Jackson 

Originally done by Eddie Cochran - I chose the Alan Jackson version, because really..I like it better. Sorry Eddie! #aintnocureformysummertimeblues

Island in the Sun - Weezer

"We'll run away together,
We'll spend some time forever,
We'll never feel bad anymore.."

Cruise (Remix) - Florida Georgia Line (ft Nelly)

This song is one of those songs that I'm semi-embarassed that I like, but it's just so good. And adding Nelly to the track? LOVE.


And since the Oscars were last night - I have to talk a little bit about them! I didn't watch, but thanks to Youtube and Buzzfeed - I'm about caught up. I'm going to ignore all of the political and race things, because that will only start issues (that I really don't care about) - so, we're just going to talk Best Dressed :)

The lovely ladies are first:

The color washes out a bit, 
but for a woman who just had twins in the last year..damn.

Simple, but still beautiful. Her undo and red lip make the clean look 
more beautiful.

P.s. what was with all the white dresses on the carpet this year?!

The queen. Chic and business casual. I still love it.

Oh, I have such a major girl crush on her right now.
The look isn't my favorite, but I still think she looks great.
A+ for her fringe!

Again, major girl crush.

The color isn't my favorite, but Emma is always trying something
different and I so, so applaud.

Jennifer always wears the same dress, but this one
seems a bit different - and I like it. 

(all the ladies via HERE!)

Anna is killing it this year on the carpet! Everything is chic,
clean, and pretty. She should win all the awards.

And as for the men folk:

Neil and David always look polished and wonderful.
Props for branching out of the black suit and tie category, men!

(mens photos via HERE!)

And Chris. Love. So handsome.

And, I'll leave you with my favorite performance from the night:

I don't love Lady Gaga or the Sound of Music, but found myself crying at the end. So beautiful, and it makes me wish Lady Gaga would leave all her meat dresses behind and sing like this forever.

A girl can dream, right?
- C

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Judson Project: New Work.

The Judson Project is my business.
I'll explain the name someday, but for now, I'm going to just say that this is some new work, and I hope you all like it!

If you're interested in any of these, 
email me at and check out my Etsy shop HERE!

- C