Thursday, December 25, 2014

I love filing these things out.

THANKFUL FOR: Yesterday I spent Christmas Eve with my boyfriend's family. It was the first time I haven't been with my own family, and I was panicking and crying. BUT - it was a great time. I felt very welcomed and cared about, and I'm thankful for that. 

EATING: This morning, after my run, I had my mom's sausage balls. They're a "today's a special day" kind of food in our house, so it gave me a little taste of home when I can't be home!

LISTENING TO: Right now, it's FRIENDS all day, every day in my life! I have seen every episode like six times, but it never gets old! Also..let's be honest - "Uptown Funk" has been on REPEAT on EVERY run and EVERY car ride! 

FEELING: Happy! I just got to FaceTime with my brother, niece and nephew. Any conversation with them makes me so very happy! The kids told me about their favorite Christmas presents - and I got to see some of them. 

"If I stay like looks like I'm Captain America's shadow!" 

Yes brother, you are Captain America. Of course you are! 

THINKING ABOUT: My flight tonight and all that comes with it. I'm going to South Dakota to be with my best friend as she gets MARRIED! And I get to hug my best friend of NINETEEN years tonight - life is GOOD. (also, I don't love flying all that there's a bit of panic..haha)

WATCHING: Same as "listening to". Friends..Friends..Friends. 

Also, if you ever wanted to know what "Friends" character I am..I'm Phoebe. And Chandler. You're welcome for that bit of knowledge :)

READING: I have a few things waiting for me to read: the December issue of Vogue and Clean Eating, and "Eat Pray Love" and "Under the Tuscan Sun" - I have those two because I've always wanted to know what the big deal was about them. Also, I love a good lady travel book - hello, WILD.

LOVING: My new slippers. My boyfriend's precious momma gave me slippers that have plastic soles - which, HELLO HELLA EXCITED ABOUT because the floor in my duplex is COLD. And it's a solid 40 degrees in here ALL THE TIME..even though it's set on 60. 

P.S. I hate the heating system in my duplex.

P.P.S. I love Christmas. 


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