Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Five Reasons to Watch "Mission Impossible Rogue Nation"

I know that I am 100% late to this party, but I went and saw "Mission Impossible" last night! I thought it was funny, exciting and worth your money - but here's a few more reasons why you should make it a point to see MI: Rogue Nation!

1// Tom Cruise

Let's be real, you come for the stunts and stay for the Cruise. I dislike him severely in person (that man is a tad crazy..) but I have totally dug a lot of his movies. I mean, "Top Gun" is one of the best movies (and movie soundtracks!) ever made. And Rogue Nation does not disappoint. 

The man flies around, kicks ass and rides a motorcycle like no ones business. AND he's funny as hell. Something I wouldn't have expected out of him. Crazy, yes, but funny..not so much.

2// The Stunts

Like I said..RIDICULOUS. Leaping around backstage at an Opera, climbing onto an airplane mid lift-off, sliding across several cars..but my favorite has to be the motorcycle scene.

His leg is entirely too close to that ground.

3// The "Bro Crew"

Let's be honest, there is almost too much testosterone in this movie. But Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames all show great comedic chops in this one - as well as serious kick-ass-ness. (which is totally a word..) I'd totally have them on my team if I were a secret agent.

4// The Love actually a badass.

Rebecca Ferguson is awesome. At first you're wondering who she is and what she's doing there (she's a new character in the series), but she quickly let's you know that she can do anything Cruise can do..but in a dress and heels.

Also..*SPOILER ALERT*: they don't kiss. I fully expected Tom and Rebecca (aka Ilsa) to have a major make out scene..or more. But they didn't - and I want to cheer on whichever writer in the movie decided to not! You get a high five sir. Thank you for making a bad ass woman NOT the love interest. 

You da real MVP, Rebecca Ferguson.


I know I already talked about Simon being funny and totally part of my future spy team..but I LOVE SIMON PEGG I LOVE SIMON PEGG I LOVE SIMON PEGG! He's one of my favorite actors - and definitely deserves his own reason to watch! He's brilliant.

P.S. If you haven't watched Hector and the Search for Happiness, starring Simon, I really, very much recommend it! A tad bit like "Walter Mitty", but it has it's own charms. One being Simon!


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