Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thinking, feeling, eating..all those things.

My favorite picture from last weekend with my favorite small people. I wish I could spend today snuggling in bed watching tv with them - but real life calls! I have to work 11-4 today instead.

THINKING ABOUT: Going to work (boo), the future (also boo..but pretty much yay), cheeseburgers (always) and about a hundred other things. My mind is always, always going and thinking about 23489 things at once. I don't fall asleep well, if you're wondering.

THANKFUL FOR: The quiet and safety of my apartment. Some days (most days) it's hard for me to be out and about and "on" (any introverts out there?!) so it's nice to come home to the quiet to recharge. And then go out the next day and do it all over again..which makes me tired thinking about it. #thatadultlife

FEELING: Pretty worn out, actually. It's been a long week, and while I'm thankful it's over and the weekend - it's never enough time to completely recharge. Am I right? BUT the flip side is never having a few days between work days - which I've also done, so I'm thankful for weekends. I promise, mom!

EATING: Chunky peanut butter on a plain bagel - super original, right? I'm not feeling so hot, so I'm not going to go overboard on food today. Good plan, right?

LISTENING TO: Well, like many girls my age, I've been listening to "Hello" on REPEAT (no joke, I went for a three mile run the other day and listened to it for the first two..oops!) but I've also been digging:

"Alive" by Sia. This little girl is my spirit animal this week - or what I wish it would have been. But how rockstar is she? Totally kick ass and I love it. Sia is coming out with an album called "This is Acting" - where she's taken songs that other artists have passed on and sung them herself! "Alive" was actually written with Adele for her upcoming album, but she passed..and I really don't think she would have done it the justice that Sia did. This is my new anthem, y'all. 

WATCHING: I chose a new movie to watch this week, The Immatation Game - I haven't watched it yet, but it was very popular when it came out. I'm interested. Hopefully it's good. This weekend I've watched "Two Night Stand" and "This Is Where I Leave You". Both good in their own ways. I love "Two Night Stand" because of this guy:

I think Miles is not only SUPER attractive, charming and real - but he's a fabulous actor. Have you seen "Whiplash" yet? I'm sure you have, and you know exactly what I'm talking about. The movie was a complete beating, but so very well acted.
And "This Is Where I Leave You" surprised me when I saw it. It also has a fabulous cast and is charming. It's also very sad and forces you to wonder what you would do in certain situations if they were presented to you.

I'd recommend both. Maybe not to everyone I know, but imdb that shit and watch them. You won't regret it.

READING: I'm still doing my "25 Before 26" Memiors - and right now I'm in the midst of Tim Tebow's memoir, "Through My Eyes". I know you're all secretly judging me for liking Timmy, but I I don't really care whatcha think. I'll be posting the review soon, so I won't say anything else about it!

LOVING: I can't stop talking about my new turtleneck from the Gap. I can't find it on their website for some reason..? But here it is..

ISN'T IT THE BEST?! It's fake cable knit - so it's more like a really soft, comfortable sweatshirt material. I can't wait until Texas decides that it's winter so I can wear the hell out of it this winter! If you see me wearing anything else, I'd worry about me. 

Just kidding.

Hope you have a great rest of your Saturday!

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