Sunday, May 21, 2017

5 Thoughts on "Everything, Everything"

Last nights solo movie date was to "Everything, Everything". It is based on a YA novel by Nicola Yoon. It follows the story of Maddy (who has a rare immune disease) as she falls for Olly. There's a few other things that happen, but I definitely don't feel like spoiling that tonight.

BUT - I do have some thoughts, so let's do that instead.

1. Amandla Stenberg (Maddy) and Nick Robinson (Olly) were great choices. Both are cute kiddos who were equal parts good looking and awkward. I mean wasn't that everyone's high school experience - being both good looking AND awkward? 

I was just awkward.

2. It had a great soundtrack. Which, if you've read this blog long enough is 100% how I judge any movie - ever. My favorites from this movie?

"Howling" by Ry Cumming

"Heartbeats" by Jose Gonzales

"Stay" by Zedd ft Alessia Cara

3. I actually super enjoyed the styling in the movie - from Amandla's outfits 

to the set-ups with the astronaut (which, is something you only truly understand if you've read the book..and I can't find a picture! Sad.)

to Hawaii

everything was styled beautifully and almost flawlessly. 


4. It did a decent job of sticking to the original story. There were a few things that I noticed (which is both a blessing and a curse of reading a book before seeing the movie), but I think, for a movie that gets a B (maybe a B+) from did a good job.

5. You should see it if: you enjoy a teen romance movie, a coming of age story, or just want to see something that has no blood, guts, or cursing in it. It really was just two kids who fall in love through an interesting circumstance. Positive, sweet and awkward.

Have a great evening!


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