Thursday, October 8, 2015

At the Movies: "About Alex"

Funnily enough..this is becoming more of an entertainment blog - without meaning to. I guess I thought it would eventually become about things I loved..and I love movies.

Today's wonderful film is called "About Alex".
*spoilers ahead*

Another take on the traditional "Brat Pack" movie, "About Alex" stars many of today's greats. Max Greenfield, Aubrey Plaza, Jason Ritter..there's talent all over the place. The story starts with Jason Ritter's character, Alex, filled to the brim with the evils in his head - tries to kill himself. His "Brat Pack" (if you don't get that reference..go watch an 80s movie) college friends assemble to his aid - including his best friend Ben (played by Nate Parker). 

Normally I go into 5 reason you should watch, but I'd like to be a bit more wordy about this one. 

It's funny, and sad, and heart breaking. Each character confronts their own demons after one of their own couldn't. Alex lives, and the house becomes a way for them to come together again - and break apart better.

When you go to college, you're almost forced to be friends with people. You have the same classes, you walk to the same're friends out of necessity - not love. But, thankfully, after a few months - friends you're not sure of kind of fall to the wayside and you find your tribe. It may not always happen like that, but it did for these friends. And then one day, the day after graduation, you all scatter. You become serious and find your own worlds..other people..and those friendships who meant so much to you when you were 20 and 22, don't mean as much as they used to. Those people don't always fit into your every day life anymore.

This is where our story opens up. 

There's always an Alex - in every story. There's always going to be one human who feels too deeply. Wants to much. Has hardships and unlikely things happen to them. And, we can't always be there. We can't always hold someone up when they can't hold themselves. 

So what do we do when we have the realization that we can't? We, as humans, are meant for relationships. Even the most "I hate humans" type of human desperately wants someone. Anyone. A hand, a caress, a talk at 3 am..we all want that. And then something happens and were shocked into the realization that we can't be that for everyone.

It may not be an attempt. It may be a follow through. I don't mean that in any way that is cruel. I know dark places. I know we all have darkness. And I won't ever know that kind of darkness. At least I hope not..

This movie highlights matters that were not all comfortable talking about. Mental health is not an easy subject, but all we can do is try. Try to come together. Try to be there for someone..anyone. Try to not let it get to that point. And forgive ourselves when we can't. 

Because we all know that we can't.

That's what's good about grace though. And tribes and love. When we can't, they can. Whoever they are. Whatever they are. And when they can't - God can. But more importantly, God can all the time. Faith in that makes life a little livable. 

This story may not be the easiest representation of life. It may be harsher and brash - and full of cuss words..but at it's core, it's grace. It's the people were put into this life with - and loving them regardless. Come hell or high water

The term "ride or die" comes to mind. There are always going to be people that you'll do anything for - regardless of babies and promotions and miles. Those things aren't as big of obstacles if you don't let them be. That's the best part of the human condition though. We're relational and when we find those that we can't help but love, were there. 

Were able to love from miles away.
Were able to go months or days or years without talking, and when you do - nothing could be easier.

See it. Be sad. Be happy. And be reminded of your own story.
Be reminded that someone loves you even if they aren't there every day.

Come hell or high water,

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