Tuesday, October 27, 2015

At the Movies: The GOOD, the Intense, and the What? *spoilers ahead*

I've seen three very different movies in the last two weeks or so. Three that I didn't all love everything about, but liked. Which doesn't always happen for me. 

First up..THE GOOD:

You essentially have to be living under a rock not to know about this one - it's the talk of the town lately. A few things worth mentioning:

1// Epic casting - I mean honestly, it has everyone from Matt Damon (whom I've always had a soft spot for), Kate Mara, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig, Chiwetel Eijofor (HOW DO YOU SAY HIS NAME?)..I mean it's the darlings of 2015. And you don't hate them. In some movies where they cast a bunch of famous people, the movie just falls flat - it's just a reason to stick a bunch of people in one thing..no character development..but this one doesn't disappoint.

2// Sean Bean plays Mitch Henderson, who's in charge of something important (hey, the space jargon gets lost on me..sorry I'm not sorry!) - is in one scene and they make a Lord of the Rings reference and Sean's just so chill about it. Hilarious.

3// Matt has never been better. I mean, really, he is comedy, drama, anger, strength - all the good things. It may be his best, ever.

4// I never want to be in space. E.V.E.R.

5// I love that this movie made me think: man, what would I do in that situation? We won't ever get left on Mars or anything (which, some people I read genuinely thought that living/surviving on Mars is possible..I pity their mothers. And worry about what they're learning in school.) - but it makes you think - "what would happen if I was left..all alone". Spooky.

The second..THE INTENSE:

I really had no intention of seeing this one - at least not in the theaters. (my parents wanted to go, so I went!) It looked boring really. And I knew nothing about it - apart from the fact that he created Apple. Oops.

1// If this is true..Steve Jobs is a JERK. On an epic scale. Like if you look up douche bag in the dictionary, his face would be there. I heard from my mom that his family didn't want this movie made because it wasn't a fair or accurate picture of the person he was. Man, I hope that's true..because he was just MEAN.

2// Michael Fassbender did work. He was awful, crazed and methodical. I truly believed he was this epic mind who didn't know how to function in society - which is how I picture Steve Jobs. (it also makes me want to read a biography or something about him..maybe get some more information..?)

3// I had no idea that Jobs failed to get Apple off the ground the first time, was fired, tried to set up another company, crashed hard with the second one, and was given his job at Apple back. (which, is the long story short..and I just saved you $10.50. You're welcome.) But he ultimately saw failure as a next step - not stopping. He didn't give up. 

I read a quote last night that totally sums it up: "Failure is an event. It is never a person." Which hit me so hard square in the face. You're never the cause of whatever happened. It's never because you're dumb (you're not), you're not capable (you are)..whatever lies are stuck in you're head. It's just something that happens and you deal with it (however you can) and move on.

4// It's SUPER HEAVY on the dialogue side. Be prepared.

And lastly..THE WHAT?

This one I did want to see. I mean..BILL MURRAY. It just wasn't exactly what I expected.

1// Bill is his typical happy, beautiful little weirdo - and naturally, I loved it. I feel like he always plays the same type of character, but they're all different. I think it's just the magic of Murray. (which, should be a restaurant..The Magic of Murray. Bill, holler at your girl if you need help starting that restaurant. I'd love to.)

2// The music was awesome! Bill's character is a talent manager for Zooey Deschanel's character - and granted, it's a lot of Cat Stevens (I LOVE CAT) and Bob Dylan..but it also features Kid Rock (Bawitdaba is such a good jam..I don't care what you think of me after saying that), House of Pain (ahem, the song Jump Around), and Shakira. 

3// I loved the randomness of the casting - Danny McBride..Kate Hudson..Zooey..Bruce Willis..Taylor Kinney (to whom I would like to say..sup boy?)..but the true light of the movie (besides Bill, obvi) is a little known actress named Leem Lubany. She was smart, funny and sang like a little bird. I hope she gets some great feedback and projects from this one!

4// All that to say..I'd probably see this one after it comes out of theaters. It's not the most made well movie, and although it's entertaining in it's own way - it's probably not worth the $10.50. 

But whatever, Bill Murray 4 EVA.

What fun movies have you seen lately?


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