Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday's Mixtape: The Glee Edition

I'll probably get silently judged for this one, but I've been watching a little bit of "Glee" lately. I watched it when it first came out, and stopped after a season or two. I started again because, well, I started watching because I love music. I don't quite love musicals ("Grease" and "Hairspray" are exceptions..) but I do love music, and I always enjoyed how they incorporated music - and vintage/classic songs - in an interesting way. And I need something to watch while I paint (i.e. something I don't exactly have to pay attention to to know what's going on!)

 Here are some "Glee" renditions I've been enjoying lately..

1// "Let Me Love You"

Jake Puckerman sings this to Marley (the Finn and Rachel type characters after Finn and Rachel graduate) when she is found to be suffering from an eating disorder. I think his voice is just wonderful in this one - as is Ne-yo's in the original song.

2// "Teenage Dream"

Blaine originally sang this song in the first season or two as Katy would have sang it (poppy and fun), but after cheating (which seems to happen a lot in this show..shame on you writers of Glee!), he gives this rendition. It is haunting and sad - and super powerful.

3// "Danger Zone" mashed up with "Old Time Rock N Roll"

Well, how could this not be on here? One, "Danger Zone" is one of the best movie songs EVER and two, I love when they do mash ups. I love me some mash ups. 

4// "The Scientist"

I have yet to find a version I don't like of this song. 

5// "Thriller" mashed up with "Heads Will Roll"

Probably one of my favorite performances. This is honestly the only way I want to listen to either of these songs anymore. Oops, sorry MJ.

I'm going to go paint some more before work.
Happy Monday!


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