Tuesday, December 8, 2015

At the Movies: Five Reasons I Loved "CREED"

Friends, I love Rocky. I mean I really, really love Rocky. Junior year of college, I spent it in my college town. Mostly alone. It was a weird summer. But, it led me to spending some time with this guy and his roommate, and he introduced me to "Rocky". It really was love at first watch. I know they're cheesy and "Yo Adrian!" gets over-used, but I loved them. Love them. I love Rocky's swagger and his awkwardness. I love the relationship between Rock and Adrian - that he let's her know that he may not be a bright man, but he'll protect her and love her forever. And each time he gets into the ring, I love cheering for him. He's a good hero to get behind.

"CREED" really is no different. Only this time, you aren't cheering for Rock - you're actually cheering for Apollo Creed's son, Adonis (played by the FABULOUSLY TALENTED Michael B. Jordan). The story goes that Adonis, known as Donny, is a small time fighter - coming from a background of group homes and juvie - you could definitely say he has a chip on his shoulder. I won't spoil anything else for you, but here's 5 reasons I LOVED the movie (and you should too!):

1// Michael B. Jordan

To say that Michael is talented really would be an understatement. Every movie I've seen him in, he hits it out of the park. And I don't think I could see anyone else in this role. There's a line in the song "Live Your Life" by T.I. that I think sums up MBJ:

Immaculately polished with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid.

He plays the fighter and the lover well. And looks really good doing both. (hey, he's easy on the eyes..there's no denying that!)

2// A strong and independent love interest

Tessa Thompson plays MBJ's love interest, Bianca. And she's anything but the typical sports movie girlfriend. She plays a DJ/singer - she has her own life, her own things. She challenges Donny in a way I don't think I've seen in a movie girlfriend in a long time, and it's definitely a breath of fresh air.

3// MBJ and Stallone's Chemistry

They're adorable. I mean, really. They have a touch of the same chemistry frienemies Rocky and Apollo had, which is sweet and gives the story the same "family" feel as the older movies. They play well off of each other and challenge each other. They have a "you fight, I fight" mentality and it shines through in this one.

4// It's a Throwback, Only..Not

When a film like this is made - not a sequel, and not a remake - you want it to pay homage. Just a little. And "CREED" does just that. There's a hint of the old Rocky - including the weaving of the "Gonna Fly Now" theme song throughout - and a particular scene with Adonis running (in those grey sweats!) up the hill and motorcycles following behind. If you'll remember, Rocky did that, only with children following behind. It's a nice homage, without taking away from the current story. It's a good mesh of the two.


If you aren't going to this movie for Sylvester, you've got your priorities wrong. The best part? Old man still has it. It's a bit slow, and you're worried he'll hurt himself - but he can still hang. And I love it!

Has anyone else seen "CREED"? What did you think?


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