Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday's Mixtape: BIEBER!

You all know my love for the Biebs - ever since "One Time.." I've been a fan! Maybe not of the driving ridiculously through the streets of Miami, buying monkeys and leaving them in other countries, and peeing in buckets - but, the kid is talented. And his latest album, PURPOSE, is no different.

Let's talk about my TOP FIVE from the album, shall we?

1// Love Yourself

This one gets the top spot because it's SO catchy! It's fun to sing to - and the video is awesome. My favorite line is: "my mama don't like you and she likes everyone"..which essentially is what my mama's thought of some boyfriends in the past. Maybe that's why I like it..ha!

Also, it was co-written by Ed Sheeran. I love me some Ed.

2// Sorry

If you wanted to know which one I sing to (LOUD AND OFF KEY) in the shower..this would be it.

3// Purpose

The end of this song is beautiful. Listen to the song, but pay special attention to 2:40 and on. Justin gives a great testimony and great piece of his heart to the world, and I think it's time people give him a little credit for being a Christian..and for being a 20 year old boy. You mess up, but that's the beautiful thing about grace. He has an even bigger platform now, and I hope he keeps using it positively.

4// I'll Show You

The better video for this song can be seen HERE! 

This one is one that I bet many celebrities can relate to. The pressure, the constant field of people around you..I mean, can you imagine? And having to be on point ALL THE TIME? I would hate it. And we totally forget they're actual people too. 

5// Where Are U Now?

I've loved this one since it came out six months ago. It's catchy and different. It's a different side of the Biebs - thanks to Skrillex and Diplo. I never would have imagined Skrillex and the Biebs being friends and collaborating, but now I'm like: "aint mad atcha bro!"

What's your favorite Bieber jam off "Purpose"?


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