Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday's Mixtape: The Best of 2015

As the final Monday of 2015 (what? When did that happen?) is here, I thought I'd talk a little bit about my favorite songs from the year. I realize that my favorites probably have nothing to do with yours, or how many times they were played on the radio - but, they're worth talking about. In no particular order..

1// 24 Frames by Jason Isbell 

You'll be surprised that the first on this list wasn't talked about on my blog before. Jason started his career with the band, The Drive By Truckers until 2007 when he left for a solo career. His gravely voice and vivid story telling is what brings this song home for me. You relate to it.

2// Fight Song by Rachel Platten


Say what you want about this girl power anthem (my dad likes to make up his own word to the tune..), it is powerful. And it came out during a time this summer when not a whole lot was going right for me, and the phrase "I've still got a little more fight in me" resonated heavily in my world. I'm thankful for it.

3// Love Yourself by Justin Bieber


Yup, it's here again. My love affair with this song doesn't end. Which surprises me a bit, because I had every intention of loving all of the radio singles more - but I don't. I love the subtleness of the lyrics - that if you think you're so great, you should just love yourself and leave me alone..and by the way, you really aren't that great. Genius.

4// Little Bitty Dreams by Will Hoge

I've never heard this one on the radio - and I think it's a damn shame. Will's little ode to a high school love - one that changes everything - is beautiful. It's the kind of song you want a cute boy singing to you at the end of the day - because that means he only sees you. And that's all we all really want anyway.

5// Hello by Adele

But really, girl KILLS it..and I'm not even a big Adele fan. Never have been. But this "love lost" tune has me wanting to buy her album ASAP.

6// I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen


I know.."real music fans" hate her. But you cannot tell me that you can listen to this song and not be in a better mood after?! It's catchy and cheesy - but it's fun. We all need a bit more fun in life.

AND TOM HANKS. Obviously makes it better. It's 100% Hanks approved. You can't fight the Hanks train, just can't.

7// Chrissie Hynde by Butch Walker


Butch is an incredible singer-songwriter by himself, but he actually brought along Ryan Adams for this one - and it shows. Quality, quality music - and Butch just brings it. His soft melodies and powerful lyrics (this one, I've heard, is about a man who has been convicted and is going to prison. He's enjoying the last few moments before freedom is no longer an option. Wow.) are nothing to be messed with, people.

8// Blank Space by Ryan Adams


Speaking of, we have to talk a little about Ryan's take on Taylor's album, 1989. When I first heard this was happening, I was excited (because Ryan is awesome) and skeptical. There were some questions - like, how was he going to present these songs? Well, he did. Easily and in a totally different style. Taylor is a fabulous song writer, even if you aren't a fan, you have to admit that - and I think this album proves that a good song is a good song - regardless of the singer. Bravo.  

9// Ain't Worth the Whiskey by Cole Swindell

Reserving your good mood, drinks and company for something worth it? Our troops, old friends? It's a good message and a song sung by a great voice. I have no complaints.

10// Alive by Sia

This album doesn't drop until next year, but this song NEEDS to be talked about. My utter affection for Sia and everything she does is magnified in this song. You may just think of her has the weird lady who never shows her face - but she's a powerhouse and deserves much more credit than she receives.

11// Amnesia by Josh Abbott Band

EASILY the best song JAB has EVER put out. The heartbreak, the desire for something's all there. It's been played and played out, but JAB's rendition is far and away the best.

12// Want to Want Me by Jason DeRulo


There is nothing I dislike about this song. The catchy beat, the wickedly talented falsetto of Derulo - nothing. I just added this version with Luke Bryan because I like a good mash up of genres. And these two are just about as far apart as you can get. 

Try not to smile. I dare you.

13// Renegade by X Ambassadors

I honestly don't know any of their other songs, but if they're anything like this..sign me up.

14// Photograph by Ed Sheeran


I mean, I love "Thinkin' Out Loud" as well as the next girl..but this one takes the cake. The video puts it 100% over the top. He is the CUTEST.

15// Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy

This video, as I've said before, is the worst. So weird - so, you're more than welcome to hit play and minimize it. I know I will. The video shouldn't deter you from this song though - it's worth listening to. And then hitting repeat several times. Several thousand times. He's coming to town at the beginning of next year, and after seeing  him open for Taylor Swift - I'm definitely in!

I'm sure I left some out, but these are songs I truely enjoyed this last year. I can't wait to see what 2016 brings musically..I'm just hoping The Weeknd quits. Just falls off the planet.

Here's hoping,

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