Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites 6-12-15

1// 32 TIMES Tumblr Out Tumblr-ed Itself

It's glorious. You'll laugh. You're welcome.

2// "Just Breathe" Cover

Willie Nelson and his son, Lukas, covered Pearl Jam's song "Just Breathe" so freakin amazingly..I literally can't even. I'm obsessed.

P.s. This song makes me cry every time.


Me too, Chris. Me too. 

My love for Chris is at an all time high right now. I'm currently on season 5 of Parks and Rec (I know, I know, I'm late to the party..) and he's my favorite character. And Ron Swanson. And Leslie Knopp. And Ben Wyatt..but, for real..I have mad love for Chris/Andy! Here's a couple of fun things about him/featuring him - since he's around a bit for promoting "Jurassic Park" (which, is on my to-do list for this weekend!):

4// New HAIR

I NEVER thought I'd actually do it, but it's now a little over six inches shorter. A client at work today said "it's you!" - so I'm taking that as a compliment and running with it! I love it.


I've talked about my LOVE for puppy bellies on here before, and this last weekend - I got my very own! Her name is Luna, and I love her. She's a total pain in the butt (#puppyproblems), but I think we're going to be a great team!

I'm off to cheer the Rangers on to victory! 
Have a great weekend,

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