Monday, June 8, 2015


Today is "National Best Friends Day". I've had the same best friend since I was six years old, and I'd so love to be spending the day with her - but, unfortunately, we haven't lived in the same place for a long time - so I'd like to talk a little bit about why I love her instead!

Mal, this is for you babe!

It doesn't matter how long we go without talking - or if someone moves out of the country for two years - you've been there.

I can vividly remember spending hours in your parents living room just playing. We would ask EVERY Sunday if the other could come over - it was almost a given. And then little bit later, being the girl who I would see "Titanic" with, and fall in love with the DiCaprio together (but never allowed to see the "car scene"..ha)

You became my sister

Our lives have always been different - our interests have always been different - but it really always comes back to the fact that I need you in my life. I need that different perspective - the thoughtful, fact checking, scientific mind to my anxious, emotional, artistic mind.

The yin to my yang

I remember my knees totally giving out when your mom called that night 7 years ago, and I couldn't be there. But I knew that this was just a speed bump in the road. That you, you of all people, 
could do this. 

(if that makes any sense)

You have gone through things that I could never even imagine, and come out with the same fight, kindness and strength that I've always admired. 

You deal with the 47 texts that I send you daily (why are you SO BUSY ALWAYS!?), send me memes about the Office (because there's always a time for a Dwight meme!), and new tunes that I end up loving.

Our differences open each others eyes to new things.

Life is better with you. That's all.

Love you forever,

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