Thursday, May 7, 2015


I'm moving back into the solo existence here in a week (yay for my own space!) again, and I could not be more excited! Living with my roommate has been nice to have someone around, but it's time for another change! 

I've been looking around Pinterest and trying to find some interesting ideas for my new space - it has these like 20 ft vaulted ceilings (oh the possibilities!), a long staircase and a tiny kitchen..which I'm totally okay with because I've never been a cook. Ha. 

So, here are some ideas I'm throwing around - just for fun :)

I love, love, love lists and having a giant one near the kitchen sounds like the best idea! 

I - like so many - love a good image wall. And this take with the wooden slats is different and unique. I also super love the orange couch for some reason.

I really want a fun door mat - and this one just might be it!

I have a cork board that I like, but it always seems super messy - this take with it's different inspirations and pictures might be the clean wall above my desk that I've been looking for! 

P.s. I really want that photograph of the woman in the cock pit. 

This is BY FAR the thing I want most in my house. It probably won't happen in my new apartment, but seriously - I loooove.

Exactly what I want in my living room. A gnarly leather couch, a herringbone floor and a Texas flag above it all. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Any other ideas I should consider? Shoot me a message.

- C

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  1. Have you checked out Houzz? it's great for getting ideas. Can't wait to see pics of your new abode!

    1. Uh..thank you for finding my new favorite website! I'm obsessed already.

  2. WHOO for solo living. I miss it far too much sometimes.

    1. I miss it too! I'm just really excited for it!