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At the Movies: Best of 2015 + some runner ups!

Friends, I love "Best of.." lists. I love countdowns. I love the feeling of "man, this list is awful..BUT I HAVE TO FIND OUT WHAT'S NUMBER ONE!" - when I could most likely just Google it. And ten bucks says I'll most likely disagree with whoever decided number one was number one. So, instead of disagreeing..I complied my own list this year. My favorites - not in any particular order. Let's get started!

1// Star Wars: The Force Awakens

You're probably all like "uh, duh..I knew you were going to put that first.." - and well, you'd be right. I actually had a whole post planned for this movie, and went to Boston for Christmas (another post I will eventually do), and sort of forgot to.

Things I liked: 
1. the leads - John Boyega and Daisy Ridley are adorable, new faces and seem to genuinely be excited to be in the Star Wars franchise. So likable.
2. HAN SOLO. But, obviously..again. He's my number one crush of the century. Such a babe.
3. the comedic timing. JJ Abrahams likes his "action comedies", and The Force Awakens didn't shy away from that.

Things I didn't like:
1. Adam Driver being serious. If you see him in anything else, he's the biggest goofball. It's just a bit unnerving. Although, I did like his portrayal..I just was expecting him to make fart noises behind someones back or something.
2. It followed a bit to closely to the original stories. I don't know if this is a set up to the next part, or if they're just going to pick material from the originals. We shall see.
3. A certain characters which I decided I hate JJ Abrahams. 

2// Creed

You can check out my full review HERE! - but just know..I LOVED IT. Michael B. Jordan is spectacular and super attractive. Sly is funny and he STILL has it. It fit in perfectly, albeit the 2015 style of it, with the others and I can't wait to see another. Oh, I'm definitely hoping they make another! *crosses fingers*

3// The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt 2

I did not think I'd like this one as much as I did. I am always a little hesitant to see movies made from my favorite books, but I think that Francis Lawerence (the director), J-Law and the rest of the crew made it possible for me to enjoy one of those books-to-movies movie.

Things I liked:
1. J-Law and Josh Hutcherson's chemistry. In real life, I think Jennifer would end up with Liam Hemsworth, but Jen and Josh love each can tell. The final scene..*sigh*
2. It stayed fairly true to the book.

I didn't like:
1. Finnick and Prim. But that's more Suzanne Collin's fault. I'm still mad at her for it.

4// The Martian

I also did a little review on this movie, which you can see HERE! 
My favorite parts had to have been the casting and the comedic side of the story.. From Matt, to Kate Mara, to Chiwetel Eijofor - everyone is solid. It's always a bit of a struggle when directors cast a bunch of huge, huge names together, but this one definitely doesn't disappoint.
And I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun on Mars alone for years as Matt did, but he kept his sanity by his sense of humor. This movie would have been a complete ass kicking without it.

The only thing I didn't like that the man with a family went back into space like that. I mean, come ON. After all of that and you STILL went back? You're crazy.

5// Inside Out

Pixar always does a good job. I haven't been disappointed in much of anything they've put out, but this one has to be one of my favorites. I actually saw it twice in theaters, I liked it that much.

I liked:
1. The characters/the actors they chose as voices. I mean, y'all know my love for Amy Poehler goes far and wide, but Mindy Kaling as Disgust? Lewis Black as Anger? Phyllis Smith as Sadness? Awesome. Every single one.
2. The positive message that while you can have emotions and let things out - there's still a time to learn to control the emotions. To beat them sometimes. And to just ride them other times. Kids need to know that.

I didn't like:
1. Well, I cried during the part where she lets her imaginary friend go..that was tough. I never had an imaginary friend, but love that that leaving your life is always hard.

6// McFarland USA

A powerful, powerful story of "it's not alway who you are, but what you become". Small town runners find their true potential in their running coach, played by one of my absolute favorites, Kevin Costner. It made me smile and cheer and laugh and cry. I loved it.

7// Jurrassic World

Straight up, I saw this because Andy Dwyer is my dream man. And I stayed because the movie was awesome.

8// The Intern

If I had to choose a favorite movie of the year, (and this may surprise you) but it definitely would be this one. Catch my full review HERE!

I liked:
1. Robert and Anne's chemistry. I really want them to be best friends in real life. Someone tell me they are..that's my wish for 2016.
2. The rest of the cast. A motley crew of characters - seasoned vets, new up and comers and some I've never seen before - but it mixed well and I don't think they dropped the casting ball once.

I didn't like:
1. Anne's husband. But you'll really have to see the movie to see why.
2. That it ended. I need a copy ASAP.

9// The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

Another review that I did this year - you can catch it HERE! 

I liked:
1. Dylan O'Brien
2. Dylan O'Brien
3. Dylan O'Brien

Oh, you thought I'd say something else? No. Sorry. I'm..not sorry. And honestly, the only thing that I really didn't like was that they sort of strayed from the book. No, they definitely did stray. It was quite different. Not necessarily in a bad way - because I think it's a solid second effort (nothing like boring Insurgent..which, you'll see, didn't even make my list), but it's different. 

10// Cinderella

When I was going through the list in my head, I was like "WHERE'S MY ROMANCE?" I didn't just add Cinderella as my romance (to round out the list). I thought it was beautiful, clever, and just the right touches to be a Disney classic. I was never really a fan of Cinderella (the original from Disney), because I was true to Beauty and the Beast, but this one converted me a bit. Especially the part where her mother said "have courage and be kind." That rung through my little head all year. 

Well, that's that. My favorites for the year. I did, though, have a few that didn't quite make the list, but I still really enjoyed. My runner ups include:

1. American Sniper
Bradley Cooper's performance was pretty powerful. Even with that fake baby.
2. Furious 7. 
I actually did a review on it - which you can check out HERE! My love for Fast and the Furious movies is big time. I just liked a few a little bit more than it this year.
3. Pitch Perfect 2
I liked it. And then I really didn't. It was incredibly funny - especially with the Green Bay Packers - I just didn't get into it as much as the first one. The first one trumps the second in every way. Except in the Green Bay Packers category.
4. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
Another that I wrote a little something about. You can read it HERE! I think it's the best Mission Impossible movie so far, and I can't say enough good things about it - but like with Furious 7, I just liked a few movies a bit more.

And with that, I can't wait to see what 2016 holds in the world fake babies, super hunks, fast cars, Disney princesses and a galaxy far, far away...


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