Wednesday, April 8, 2015

10 Things I Loved About "Furious 7" - and why you should too.

I love everything about the Fast and Furious series.

And in the words of my man Vin, I'm ride or die about it. It gets a lot of crap from anyone (and everyone!) for being cheesy, fake and a waste of time - but, after seeing the 7th movie last night, I have a few reasons why you should give it (and all of them!) a chance!

And yes, there are spoilers ahead. Just a warning!

1// It's all about family.

Each and every movie comes back to family. They watch each others back. They take care of each other. They take on the world with each other. Life is better like that.

2// Hot men in suits.


Really. The men of Fast have become quite the dressers. I love the muscle tees (who wouldn't?), but like ZZ Top says - "every girl is crazy bout a sharped dressed man!"



I loved this car in the previous movies - and like my man Vin, I love a good muscle car. I don't know anything about cars - I don't even know what this one is called, but I do know I want one! 

Or two. I'm not picky.

P.S It's a 1970's Dodge Charger. If you wanted to know. 
Thanks, Google. You da best.

4// The stunts are incredible.

Whether it's jumping a car out of an airplane..


flying through the air and Hulk Smashing your opponent..

Or driving a car through THREE high rise buildings - the Fast crew has the craziest ideas for stunts. I know they aren't likely (pretty much at all), but they're super entertaining!

5// Finally, a woman techie!


Furious 7 introduces a new character, known as Ramsey. Ramsey has created a device that can track anyone in the world through cameras, voice recognition, and signals called the Eye of God. The crew uses the Eye of God to track down the bad guys - and it's refreshing that it is a girl!

But I definitely don't complain about Ludacris.

6// Speaking of Ludacris..


And I tried my hardest to find it, and couldn't. Ugh. Come on internets.

7// The traveling.

The team goes from LA to Japan, to the Dominican Republic, to somewhere in the Russian side of the world, to Abu Daubi and back home to LA - all in one movie. Each place is gorgeous and exotic looking - except LA..but that's just personal preference!




Ya'll. I love the Rock. I follow him on Instagram and Twitter, and I'd totally pee my pants if I ever met him. He's funny and seriously has the craziest workout/diet I've ever seen. You should follow him.

You should also be totally prepared for him breaking out of his own cast.
Cuz he's awesome.

9// It all comes together.


If you, like many others, were sitting in the theater when Han died and were severely confused - well, I hope you realized now that Tokyo Drift happens after movie 6. And Furious 7 goes back to Japan, sees Lucas Black again (oh that guy with his loooong southern drawl), and kind of pieces everything together.

It also explains a little bit more of Dom and Lettie's relationship, which I had forgotten parts of.

10// Paul Walker.

If you were worried, like I was sort of was that they would possibly kill Paul Walker - they don't. They were very kind and chose to give our Brian a "walk off into the sunset" kind of ending. I won't tell you anything else about it, but I was very happy that they gave him an ending he deserved. 

P.s. bring tissues.

- C

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