Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wednesday Weekday Update: Food Truck Showdown!

This past weekend was for recharging
I spent the weekend with my two favorite people in the world. 

We ran. 16 miles. 
(24 days til marathon #2..!)

And twinned in our Cowtown jackets! They're super comfortable.

We explored downtown Waco.

Aren't the the worlds CUTEST?

We went to the Food Truck Showdown in downtown Waco:

Cupcakes were the first course - followed by pizza, tacos, and gyros. I thought I was stuffed to the brim and unable to walk, but somehow I did - because I had a root beer float while watching:

TOP GUN at the Hippodrome. It's this really incredible THEATER that shows movies and has performances. I really had no idea Waco could be cool at all.

It really was a great weekend and I'm so happy that I got to just relax and take some time off. It's been much needed - especially after the last few weeks and the changes that have occurred.

And with that, I'll leave you with a few things I've been reading::

1// Go Fug Yourself is this awesome fashion blog that covers everything. From award shows, to magazine covers, to anything really - her take on this outfit by Rihanna was hilarious.

2// This little WEDDING! That dress! And those shots in the parking garage = LOVE.

3// Venus Trapped in Mars is a blog run by a girl named Sarah. She talks sports, food, and fun - and she's from Texas, so I extra love that. She posted this 32 More Things I Hate More than April Fools Day and I so agree with her. April Fools Day is the worst. And I so support anyone who tells someone off about joking about pregnancy. You just shouldn't

4// 12 Things Only People With Anxiety Understand made me say "amen and amen"! People often tell me to "calm down" and "think about something else", but when it's not happening to you, you have no idea what it's like. Just something to think about.

5// THESE PAINTINGS by Lulie Wallace are to die for! Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Have a great rest of your week,

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