Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday's Mixtape: The OKC Marathon Edition!!

Y'all. I'm tired.

And it might be because I ran another marathon. Okay, that's totally why.

We started off the weekend driving up to Oklahoma City and met up with family. We ate a little (which is a total lie..I never just eat a little anymore ha!), went to the OKC Arts Festival (two festivals in a month, lucky me!), and checked out the expo:

My dad's cousin (who also doubles as his best friend) ran the half marathon. We had dinner at this tiny little Italian restaurant and got a good nights rest.

We started Sunday bright and early (5!), and headed to the starting line, where we met up with my running buddy, Dara and her husband (who was also running the half!) Mason.

For those of you that don't know - the OKC Memorial Marathon was set up in memory of the 1995 bombing in downtown Oklahoma City. Two men drove a truck filled with explosive up to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and killed 168 men, women and children, and injured hundreds more. 

Before the start of the race, they have 168 seconds of silence for those who passed away from this tragedy - it's rather emotional. 

The race itself went rather splendidly! I mean, marathons are hella-tough, but the conditions were great (cloudy 96% of the morning with a breezy to keep everything cool), the spectators were helpful and kept everyone pumped, and the race itself is hilly, but not uncomfortable.

via Dara's sister in law, Elizabeth

Getting to train for hours and hours with Dara and then getting to see her finish her first marathon was AWESOME. She toughed it all out and I'm so proud of her finishing her goal! I look forward to many more runs with Dara (if she'll let me, ha!) - she's become one of my greatest friends here in FTW.

With the girls after my race - they're crazy, crazy!

One of the best parts was getting to run with my favorite guy, in honor of two of our favorite guys. The marathon gave us a chance to carry on their memories! Miss you guys.

I'm thankful for such a great day.

And since it's Monday, I need a little bit of tune-age to go with the marathon. Here are a few of my favorite songs about running (or that have run in the title or that I love to run to..haha)::

1// Running on Empty by Jackson Browne

I grew up listening to JB and have found that this is probably my favorite song of his (or "Brown Eyed Girl") good!

2// Run Around by Blues Traveler

I've always liked the sound of this song. His voice with the music - it's just kinda fun! It totally reminds me of the band Barenaked Ladies - some of their early stuff.

3// Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

I feel like if you're making any sort of running playlist, the Boss has to be on it. It's just fact.

4// Lose Yourself by Eminem

Are you surprised by this choice? I kind of am myself. But they played it while I was running yesterday and it just pumped me up! It's also the top song of Runner's World THE BEST RUNNING SONG playlist.

5// Roar by Katy Perry

This was playing as I was sprinting to the finish line yesterday, so it definitely will have a new place in my playlist (and maybe my Gag. Hah!)

But for real, it definitely gets you pumped - and it's a fantastic girl power song! I love me some girl power songs!

And honorable mention::

6// Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

If you don't pretend you're Rocky running to this song as least ONCE in your running career, you're doing it wrong. And you need to see Rocky. Obviously.

- C


  1. WAY TO GO! No matter how many marathons you've run, completing one is always a kick butt accomplishment.