Friday, April 24, 2015

Book Review: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

If you've been keeping up with my book reviews at all, you're probably starting to see a pattern..or, um..the fact that they've ALL been Rainbow Rowell books lately. Oops. Except, not oops because Rainbow is easily becoming my second favorite writer (sorry..I realllly like JK Rowling, mkay?) 

Onto the amazingness that was/is "Attachments"..

From Rowell's WEBSITE:
"Beth and Jennifer work in the newsroom. They're smart and funny, and best friends.
And Lincoln O'Neill is the guy who reads their email.
It's not as bad as it sounds -- it's Lincoln's job to read their email. Sort of. He was supposed to send them a warning. He should have sent it the first time he caught them breaking the company email rules. But they both seem so nice… he likes really them. Especially Beth.
By the time Lincoln realizes how much he feels for Beth, it’s too late to unread all of her personal messages. And it’s way too late to introduce himself. What would he say? “Hi, I’m the guys who reads your email, and, also, I love you …”
But he can’t just do nothing. Falling for Beth makes Lincoln realize he’s been doing nothing for far too long."
First things first, I LOVED IT. I almost don't have any words for it because I loved it that much, but I'll try.
The story flip flops between Lincoln's first person point of view and e-mails between Beth and Jennifer - so you're more or less sucked into the girls conversation and Lincoln's opinion/reaction to what is happening - which is unique in my opinion, and not hard to follow at all. It gives all three characters, and their respecting supporting characters their own voice within the story - and not just from a first person point of view.
You quickly become a cheerleader for Lincoln - at least, that was the way it happened to me. I didn't find him reading their e-mail creepy or unappealing - and not just because it's his job. (seriously though, I think I'd totally like that job - which makes me sound like a bad person. But to get to be in on the inner workings of EVERYTHING..that sounds awesome.) Your heart stands up and cheers "go get em, Lincoln!" because you just want everything to work out - which seems to be a theme in Rowell's novels. The underdog. The cute, funny person who seems to be overlooked - but is found in just the nick of time.
"Attachments" is full of humor, kindness, and it's the kind of book you'd want written about you. For you. I know I've said a lot of nice things about Rowell's books, but girl can give you just enough love. Just enough information. Just enough knight in shining armor, and just enough independence to make you swoon. To make you fall in love. That's why I'm a fan. That's why I'll keep coming back - keep buying her books. That's the way you want to feel after reading.

That's the way I want to feel, period.

The last one especially gets me. It's something, I believe, that all twenty somethings need to hear. Those of us who still don't have it figured out yet. Who don't have the husband, 3.5 kids and picket fence..just yet. And even for those people, because even those who seemingly have it all figured out - don't. So, take a page from our hero, Lincoln, and start adding good things. Let them grow. It's simple really - we could all use a little more good in our lives. Right?


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