Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday's Mixtape : I have so much to do..

I have like 4898 things I should be doing instead of blogging - but I haven't had a minute to do whatever I wanted all day, so I'm taking it. #sorryimnotsorry

This week's playlist is a little random - but that's the point of a mixtape, right? Right.

1// Going Out Like That by Reba McEntire

I'll always have a little soft spot for this woman. She's a fabulous singer and feisty as hell. I love it! And her latest single does not disappoint!

2// For A Boy by RaeLynn

Let's be totally real for a second - one of the biggest reasons I listen to this girl is because it let's me sing like a redneck - and I love that for some reason. I love a good Southern accent.

3// Lost Stars by Adam Levine
from the movie "Begin Again"

UGH. I hated this movie.
It had such a good premise - but fell totally, completely 100% flat. I was exhaustingly bored. But this song is awesome. I feel like that shouldn't make sense. But it does.

4// Boom Clap 
cover by Lennon and Maisy


5// Someone New by Hozier

I am not quite on the Hozier train, but this song is annoyingly cute and you want to love it. So, you're welcome.

- C

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