Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favorites 4.17.15

Hey there! I hope you've had a good week - I really have! Work has been a whole lot better, even though getting up at 4 am for it will never get easier. I'm super looking forward to the weekend, but first, some favorites from this week:

1// Laguna Beach

And no, I'm not embarrassed one bit! I found Season 1 and 2 for six bucks at Half Price Books - aka the best purchase I've made all week. I blew through them in like a week and a half, and it's on to season 3 this week! Even though, season three will never be as good. Ever.

And I wish I would have found this DRINKING GAME before I watched.

2// Meal Prepping

As I said earlier, I have to wake up at 4 am most days and it is not the most fun I've ever had. No ones brain is awake until at least 5:30 (and I have proof of that), so making a lunch is semi out of the question. I've seen the Pinterest version of salad prepping, but I have a HUGE dislike of mason jars (also courtesy of Pinterest!) so I opted for plastic tupperware instead.

And this weeks salad was spinach, lettuce, sweet potatoes (cooked in oil, salt and pepper), dried cranberries, walnuts and feta. The "dressing" is a little oil and some red wine vinegar. Super easy, super worth it. YUM.


The prettiest of all princesses learned to ride a bike without training wheels this week, and that in itself with worth CELEBRATING!! I don't have a picture of said bike riding, but I'm headed that way this weekend, so maybe I'll get one!


4// The new Star Wars trailer!!

I'm so damn excited for this - especially Harrison Ford, who is still a MEGA BABE!


 5// Date night!!

Yesterday afternoon/evening I got to hang with my favorite guy. We played mini golf, hit some pitches at the batting cages (which, for some reason were done without shoes..haha), and ate dinner at Spaghetti 5 pm. We were the youngest ones there ha! We ended the night watching Zoolander..naturally. I'm a blessed girl.

- C

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