Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites [1.16.15]

I hope you've all had a great week! But..lez be honest, it's Friday - and that's all I care about! 
So let's get this going:

Praise da Lort, indeed. 

1. Trivia Crack

You don't play? GET ON IT. It's addicting!

I got "The Entertaining Popcorn" [via Buzzfeed

"The party don't start 'til you walk in! You're fun, trendy, and always up-to-date on the latest celebrity gossip. You love having all eyes on you, all the time. You can't help it that you're so popular."

1. Fun? At least I think so.
Trendy? No, not really.
Up-to-date on celeb gossip? Always.

2. All eyes on you? NO. I hate that. Ha.

3. Can't help that I'm popular? Uh.. ha. 

2. Oscar Meyer P3 - Portable Protein Packs

Each little pack has a cheese, a nut, and a lunch meat. 
It's small, but really yummy!

3. Drop in the Ocean - Ron Pope

If I'm honest, I've been listening to this song for YEARS.
But it just popped up on my Pandora, so
it's going to be stuck in this weeks favorites.

Cuz it's my blog. Get over it.


4. This meme

I'm sure you've all seen this meme by now.
It's totally hilarious.

The story behind it is found HERE!

But if you don't want to read a boring article, dis is all you need ta know:

1. Shawn Oakman plays for Baylor.
2. He's 6 foot 9 and is 22 years old. (no one real is 6'9..let's be serious)
3. His picture was shown on the AT&T stadium jumbotron before they played 
(and lost to) Michigan State and the internets blew up.

And I love it.
Thank you Internet people.

5. Boyfriend man.

No, boyfriend man is not a weird superhero that you haven't heard of - I just meant my boyfriend. My week did not start very well with the Denver Broncos game.

I still believe that, but they broke my little heart. 

Anyway - I was sitting on the couch, watching them suck  lose - and boyfriend said he needed to go and get groceries. I was okay with that because I was super grumpy and would rather stew in my grumpiness alone. 
And when he came back, he came in and set a pizza on my lap.


I said I loved him, and he said "I'm not finished." He went back out to the car and came back in - and put donuts on my lap.

*double swoon*

Totally in love.
And I like it.

Have a good weekend y'all

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