Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Green smoothie, anxiety, Opie and "Fangirl".

THANKFUL FOR: Green smoothies. Since adding a man friend to my life, I've really been eating like a boy. Yes, that's a thing. We eat out a lot - and while I love it (cheeseburgers are my love language), I'm also feeling like I'm not getting any nutrients. So making a green smoothie every morning has been a must!

And if you're wondering my recipe for a green smoothie includes: a handful of spinach, a spoonful of protein powder (I like vanilla the best!), some water, a banana and then whatever fruit I have that's available. I've also been adding kale into my smoothie lately. #teamkale

Thank you Ryan Noah for encouraging green smoothie drinkers everywhere, boo. 
You da, you da best.

EATING: I just told you of my love for cheeseburgers. This morning was a tad more healthy - I had a bagel with an fried egg. I've been on a bagel kick lately too. 

LISTENING TO: Working with five girls in one office brings out a bunch of different music loves/styles/genres. This morning I've heard Michael Buble (love), Sail by AWOLNATION (also love), and an acoustic version of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. 

You're welcome.

FEELING: All kinds of tired. I'm starting a new job today and I've been super panicky for the last day or two - causing me to keep myself awake last night. It was miserable. And my anxiety is still kicking it in my stomach, which isn't fun as well. 


THINKING ABOUT: Napping. I want a nap so bad. I'm pretty sure my cause of death will be lack of sleep caused by anxiety.

WATCHING:  Well, pledging my alliegence to Netflix - I've been on a "Sons of Anarchy" kick lately. (I also watched "Road to El Dorado" the other day - but that's beside the point.) And right now, I'm in L-O-V-E with Opie. 

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READING: I started a book called "Fangirl" by Rainbow Rowell last night. And my thoughts so far: 

1. I love YA lit. I just do. 
2. Everyone is a anxiety ridden nerd with a passion for something out of the box in every YA novel. 
3. I wish I wrote YA lit. 

None of those really have to do with "Fangirl" itself, but I had to get them out in the open. #ya4life

LOVING: This black and white geometric print cardigan that I found at work (perks of working for a boutique!) and I want to take it home with me. It's pricey though, so I'm just going to continue to wear it at work and pretend it's mine.

Hope you're all having a great hump-day!

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  1. Nice post!! I also eat a lot but don’t take healthy diet as I like junk food much. I think I should also take the homemade Green drink in every morning to stay healthy. Thanks for the idea and the recipe as well!