Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Favorites!

1. Sia's new video for "Elastic Heart". I originally heard this song on the "Catching Fire" soundtrack and was instantly hooked. Sia is super talented.

P.s. Shia being totally ripped and sexy..I mean, totally helps.

2. My new job:

Check out: 

It's an online boutique that has all kinds of fun jewelry, accessories and clothes. 
And it's just been a fun working environment!

P.s. That photo is mine! It's fun having your stuff in "print". 

3. Puppy bellies. And this article of "17 Extremely Important Puppy Bellies To Brighten Your Day". I mean, puppy bellies are important. 

(photo via the article above!)

4. Portable heaters.

Because of the obvious.
Do you need a picture of that?


5. And this..

Gives me chills.

Have a good weekend! 

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