Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites 1.23.14

Eventually I'll have some snazzy looking headers/pictures/fun things for this blog - but right now, we're bare let's do this:

1. My new leggings

I started working at a fabulous place that does spin classes 24/7! (okay, not 24/7..because, you know sleep is important..but there's anywhere from 5-10 classes a day.) And last night we had a great VIP party to promote the store and celebrate it's opening - and for helping/working, I received these amaze balls (I don't even use that word, but it's appropriate!) leggings from Bia Brazil! Just gave them to freeee! They're comfy, colorful and I'm definitely in love!

2. speaking of..I HEART SPINNING!

Like I said, spin class. Job. Leggings. All cool things. But I also get to spin for free - and lemme tell  you, it's F-U-N. The lights are off, there's these cool disco-y lights and the music is always loud. They combine spinning, cardio, crunches, weights..I mean, whatever you need to work on - spinning has it! I recommend it! 

Also, Melissa Rycroft-Strickland is our "celebrity spokes person". 

Melissa is known for the Bachelor (Jason Mesnick's season), Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, and for Dancing with the Stars.

She and Tye are precious and SO nice!

3. This scarf

I'm obsessed. Find it HERE!

4. "Rescue" by Yuna

So, I apologize in advance to Yuna fans..but I know nothing about her. Literally nothing. But I'm really digging this "female-empowering-I-can-fight-my-own-dragons-thank-you" song..anthem? (can something technically be called an anthem if you're the only one who thinks so? Yes. I say yes.)

Give it a listen - it's a good jam. 



You are the prettiest of all princesses. 

There are many things that I admire and love about you. 
From your beauty, to your brains, to the annoying way that you pretend fight with me. (it really would help if I could stop laughing when we play fought..)
One of the best things about you is your fierceness. Your fierce protection and love for this family and your friends (hi Karlyn!), the way that you go after what you want without fear, and your fierce (Tyra Banks voice) wardrobe! 

I love you more than you'll ever know sisser.
The Puppy to my Kitty.
My Hannie.

I'm thankful for you.


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