Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday's Mixtape 1.12.15

I've decided to start a little Monday jam session to the blog. These are most likely going to be songs that are on repeat lately - or whatever strikes my fancy in the moment!

Here we go:

1. "Under the Live Oaks and Lights" - Dan Adams

This is not a good version of this song (although, I'm sure Dan is fabulous live!), but I heard it on our local Texas country station and was instantly in love. Dan has a great voice - and I'm definitely going to start listening to more!

2. "Elastic Heart" - Sia

Yup, I'm still on this train. You're welcome.

3. "Every Night" - Imagine Dragons

I was on my way home from the boys house and hadn't listened to this album all the way through, so I decided to. (I's been out for forever. I'm slow. I'm sorry.) But this one caught my attention! 

4. "Shut Up and Dance" - Walk the Moon

Go ahead..try not to dance to this one.
I'll give you a minute.

5. "I Bet My Life" - Imagine Dragons

Yes. Another Imagine Dragons.
(I didn't know I was such a fan of Imagine Dragons.)

But I just LIKE it.


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