Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Favorites [3.6.15]

The sun finally came out this week, and that makes me feel a hell heck of a lot better!
Let's talk about some favorites for the week:

This little bottle of juice was life changing this week! I have been feeling pretty blah, and this thing kicked my butt. And I loved it. 

I want like 6 more bottles.

2// "The Cowboy Rides Away" tour CD

I picked this little gem up at the library this week, and can't stop listening. I really wish I would have been able to see seƱor George on his final tour, but sadly, I wasn't. I'll just have to listen to the CD over and over and pretend I was.

Favorites? "Run" with Miranda Lambert and "Cowboys Like Us" with Eric Church.

3// Baseball Lacelets - okay, I haven't actually bought one yet, but I'm about to!

Two sisters customize leather baseball laces and they're super cute! I haven't chosen my saying yet, but I'm hoping someone reads this and gives me a gift card for my birthday! Check them out HERE!

Which is in TWO weeks. Crazy. Two weeks til 25. TWENTY FIVE. Bah.

4// A new circuit work out! It was a good time when there was snow on the ground:


I'm going to be talking about these things until I get them. 
And then WAY after. Forever. I love them.

Have a good weekend!

- C

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