Friday, March 20, 2015


First off, YAY. Second, thank you for your kind words and messages so far! All of you get gold stars! I was supposed to work for most of the morning, but they let me go home early..which gives me some time to relax and sleep! This weekend is jam packed, so that's important!

I thought since today is

I thought I'd do 25. I know, that was expected..right? 

1// I'm getting to sit on my couch and am watching Beauty and the Beast. And it's raining outside. Kind of the most relaxed I've been in a while.


Because Beauty and the Beast = life.

2// Getting to run with my dad. Now that life has picked up a little bit, we don't get to hang out as much - but when we do, a good 10+ miler is the best.

3// Buying yourself birthday presents..and not worry about them taking your whole allowance. I really think this is the only perk of being an adult. That and no school nights.

4// Movie theaters. I love everything about movie theaters - and movies. Popcorn, a dark theater, and getting to be involved in another reality for a while? I'm all about that.

5// Juice. My manager actually bought me a juice this morning & I thought I was in hog heaven.

6// I love spring. We're getting to the point when I can sleep with my fan on again and a just a blanket - and that's my absolute favorite thing. Warm, but not too warm. And there's flowers again!

7// Cereal at any other time but breakfast. Cereal has never filled me, so it's best at 9 pm.

8// This video from "So You Think You Can Dance":

I've never watched a whole season of this show, but I've seen episodes - and I really do love it (so it's funny that I don't watch!), but this dance has always killed me. Gives me HUGE goosebumps. People are so incredibly talented!

9// Corny jokes. Anyone who knows me at all - even a little, knows that I love a good corny joke.

10// Watching "The Amazing Race" curled up next to my momma. 

11// Puppy bellies. I love everything about little baby puppies and their fat tummies!

12// Thursdays. I have no idea, but Thursday's are my favorite day of the week. There's nothing specific, but for a while it was my day off at one of my jobs, and so it's always stuck out in my mind.

13// Old people. The only thing I enjoyed about my job at the senior living center were the people who lived there. Every single one had the greatest stories and they were always kind. Kindness goes a long way in my book, my friends.

Also this:

I love them.

14// House hunting. I love looking at houses. Even the ones I can't afford and just think about the day when I'll own my own little one.

15// Cheeseburgers. Ya'll, I'll never stop talking about how much I love them, so stop trying to get me to! I think I dream about them too.

16// Big scarves. The bigger and fluffier the better!

17// Sitting in my chair by the window reading. Right now I'm reading:


There will be a review, so keep your eyes peeled!

18// Thank you notes from my niece and nephew. Kids really do say the best and darndest things - and I love re-reading them time and time again! They just make me smile.

19// Looking at old pictures! I think when you're about to turn a new age, or have a big change in your life, you think about old things - and pictures remind me what a great life I have had and will have in the future! 

20// Football season. There is really nothing I love more than Friday Night Lights - especially in Texas. #texasforever


21// Jimmy Kimmel's "Tonight Dough" Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Y'all, it's everything I've ever wanted in an ice cream. Caramel and chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie swirls, and chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough. I NEED MORE.

22// Printed pillows for the living room. I love having a plain colored couch and have the brightest pillows on the planet!

23// Athletic clothes - I haven't worn real clothes in months! I love having a job that I can wear yoga pants/tights every day. Comfy cute is the best, anyway.

24// Naps on my couch. They're everything.

25// Words. I love everything about the written word. Even my Pinterest board of quotes and things has 3 times the pins that everything else does. I'm obsessed.

I hope you all enjoy my birthday. I know I will.
- C

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