Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday's Mixtape [3.9.15]

Hey, howdy! I hope you all had a good weekend. I'm still a little sick, so that was my weekend. A lot more relaxing and watching Netflix. 

This week's playlist has something to do with the rain outside! Here's some rainy day, chill songs - enjoy! :

1// Holding Out for A Hero - Ella Mae Bowen

I'm all about the original version by Bonnie Tyler that was featured in the original Footloose, but when they remade the movie in 2011 - they also featured a remake of Tyler's song. It's a lot slower, but Ella's voice is beautiful - so I always keep it in rotation.

2// Come Pick Me Up - Ryan Adams

I can remember sitting in my friend's car my freshman year of college and falling in love with this song. It's a tad sad, and he cusses a bit - but I really love it. And Ryan's voice is awesome. Especially live.

3// Oats in the Water - Ben Howard

Ben has one of my favorite voices, possibly ever. "Oats in the Water" gives me chills.

4// Free Fallin - John Mayer

"Free Fallin" by Tom Petty is my favorite song of ALL TIME, so I feel a little bit like a traitor adding this version to my list - but, John's version goes with a rainy day. So, win.

5// Spanish Dancer - Patti Scialfa

Whether you listen to this version or the version by Emmy Lou Harris - it's just..good. And my daddy would be proud of this choice!

Hope your Monday was great!


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