Thursday, July 23, 2015

Book Review: "25 Before 26" Update + some tunes!

Well, I'm three books down in my challenge of reading 25 biographies/memoirs before my 26th birthday - and I'd have to far, so good. I've really enjoyed "Yes Please", "If You Find This Letter" and "For the Right Reasons" - all for different reasons! "Yes Please" is side splitting, "I wish Amy Poehler was my best friend and life coach" kind of stuff. "If You Find This Letter" made me ugly cry multiple times and re-examine some things in my life, as well as my walk with God. And "For the Right Reasons"..well, Sean Lowe is hunky. So..there's that ;)

I'm currently reading "It Was Me All Along" by Andie Mitchell, and while it has made me ugly's mostly given me some insight on my struggles with weight loss and food. I won't go into any more detail, but look for the book review soon! 

I'm excited to continue this challenge and hopefully find some great insight in a time in my life when I need a little bit more insight and wisdom in my life.

I'm going to go paint now, but I'll leave you with a few songs I'm loving - since my Monday's Mixtape didn't happen this week! 

1// Keep Your Head Up by Ben Howard

I love Ben's voice. He has to be one of my top 10 favorite voices. It's so calming.

2// Why I Love You by Kanye West and Jay-Z (REMIX)

I originally went into this looking for the song minus the remix, but this one is remixed with the Cure - and it's super gnarly. Definitely going to be listening to this one a lot!

3// Single for the Summer by Sam Hunt

Yes, I know about my Sam Hunt obsession..but seriously. He can do no wrong.

How's that for some random-ness? 
Have a good Thursday!

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