Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Favorites: July 10, 2015

Hello! I hope you're having the best Friday. This week has been a full range of emotions, but I'm hoping to end it on a good note! Hit the gym this morning, now off to clean the house before work. Woo, party animal!

1// Comic-Con!

I love her. I love him. I would be that excited too.

#mancrushesEVERYDAY #swoon

Going to Comic Con is on the Bucket List for sure - but this year, I'm loving a couple of things from the celebration of all things nerd:

- the above pictures, naturally.
9 Things We Learned from the Teen Wolf panel (Season 6 is a GO!!)
THIS Story - which will give you all the feels

One day, day.

2// Volunteering!

I started my volunteer position at SiNaCa this week. As you can see it's a glass school and studio. It's 3D art and I've mostly stayed with 2D, so I'm SUPER excited to learn and be around creative types again! I've missed it.

3// Sam Hunt

I've been jamming hardcore to Sam's album Montevallo none stop this week! The man can sing - also, he's super gorgeous. Sign me up.

4// My biography list!!

If you read yesterday's post, I was asking for some recommendations for biographies. No one helped a sister out (THANKS GUYS), so I checked out for some help instead. I came up with my list and I'm good to go! I'm super excited.


She's SPEAKING. It's so crazy! I love that little face and that little voice :)))

My big brother is on his way here for the night, so yes, definitely ending the week on a good note! I'm excited to spend some time with him.

Any weekend plans?

Hope you have a good one,


  1. Jennifer Lawrence + Bill Murray might be the greatest combination of people to ever live.