Sunday, July 26, 2015

Movie Review: "Love, Rosie"

I've been a terrible blogger lately, but I promise to get better! I spent the better part of this weekend hanging out with one of my best friends, and we spent it eating (obviously), house hunting (she's moving!) and watching movies. "Love, Rosie" was one such choice!


It stars one of my favorite eye brows, Lily Collins (seriously..girl has the best eye brows!) and Sam Claflin (the Finnick Oddair of my dreams). Lily (also known as Rosie) and Sam (aka Alex) who have been best friends since they were littles. And if you're wondering, yes - it is one of those cliched movies where you just wish that the two main characters would have a conversation about their situation - and either get married or not - but they don't have the conversation. Until the very end. Until the very last possible second.

You see, the movie goes back and forth between the big moments in their lives. The first big moment being Rosie's 18th birthday - in a club with "Crazy In Love" blaring. (any movie that starts off with Yonce is a winner already) The two are drinking madly and have a little make out sesh. Which, Rosie is too drunk to remember the next day..leaving little Sam to be a tad hurt. He asks another girl to the upcoming dance instead of Rosie. Rosie goes with the worlds biggest douche - setting off a chain of events that neither one are ready for.

You spend most of the movie aching for them to get together - which is totally expected and natural. BUT, thank you writers and directors, things KEEP GETTING IN THE WAY. Including (but not limited to): pregnancies, weddings, psycho girlfriends and Rosie's fathers passing. Everything that could go wrong in their lives, does.

And yet, in the dreamy light of this film (the light is actually one of the best parts!), you keep hoping. It keeps the dream alive that male and females cannot be friends without one or both being in love with the other (Which is a huge load of crap, by the way. I'm one of those few people that believe that men and women can be friends and not have sex. But that's just me.)

The movie keeps in rhythm with that fantasy, but also trips you up with the aforementioned "things getting in the way". There's certain moments where you're sure it's going to end, but something happens. Each of them pick people they aren't supposed to be with. And not just "aren't supposed to be with", but aggressively bad choosings. You sit there hoping the other (as best friends, mind you) will say "dude, she sucks" or "dude, he's not for you" - but they don't. 

But, romance lovers - it does end with a happy ending, and not something out of "500 Days of Summer" (which, by the way, I think is the way that movie is supposed to end, and if you don't like're delusional). I won't spoil the ending, promise - but it does end well. And that seems to be one of it's redeeming qualities. That and Sam Claflin's smile. 

All in all, despite being totally against the "boys and girls can't be friends, but are actually in love" thing, I liked it. It's not as cliched has I thought it to be, and Lily Collins and Sam Claflin are darling. You root for them together, but individually as well. You want them both to follow whatever their hearts desire - each other but also their dreams as well. 

See it if you're a romance fan. See it if you're a fan of Lily Collin's eyebrows (I'm thinking of starting a club, you're welcome to join!) See it if you need a good cry. And most of all, see it if you like a happy ending..if you know that life gives you all kinds of curveballs, but the good Lord is going to make it all okay in the end. 

And like my good friend, Unknown (ha..) says:

It'll all be okay. It's not the end. Not yet.


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