Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday's Mixtape [2.16.15] and #SNL40!

It's the start of another week, and I'm sure you all are still on a sugar high..I know I am! I thought I'd do a few songs this morning to get your booty shaken' and your feet moving on this Monday morning!

1. Feel Again - OneRepublic

The chorus of this song just makes me want to jump around!

2. Punch Drunk Recreation - Jesse McCartney

There are many, many songs I could put down for Jesse - but this one caught my eye..ear? 
Jesse sounds a tad bit like JT, so maybe that's the draw? 
Either way, I love me some Jesse McCartney.

3. Sugar - Maroon 5

I love this video - so cute!

4. Damn Girl - Justin Timberlake

Had to go a little old school for this one, but Justin's always classic.

5. I Like It - Enrique Iglesias

Out of left field? Kind of. Go ahead and try not to turn it up though..
Go ahead..try :)


Also: We also HAVE to talk about last nights SNL 40 years celebration! 
If you didn't watch, you totally missed out!

Good thing I'll recap the good parts for you! You're so lucky.

1. Wayne's World = obviously.
Party time. Excellent.

2. Bill Murray sang the "Love Theme from Jaws".
He's the 8th wonder of the world.

3. Melissa McCarthy as Matt Foley, motivational speaker - her tribute to the GREAT Chris Farley was on point

(I miss Chris Farley..I need a "Tommy Boy" movie night asap!)

4. Maya Rudolph as Beyonce = girl crush.

5. Peyton looked especially dapper!

6. And it really doesn't get better than these two rapping about the last 40 years!

It was all of my favorite funny people in one room, and
I totally look forward to the next 40 years!

- C

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