Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites [2.20.15]

Hi! I hope you're all doing super well on this Friday! I'm glad it's the end of the week. Also, it's a month til my birthday - plan accordingly.

(I like puppies and cowboy boots.)

Favorite? SJP, always
And RDJ? Yes please. (nice green ascot!)

The 87th Annual Academy Awards are Sunday, and catching up on odd couples seems to be an appropriate way to get pumped up for the festivities!

2. This Love Story

By now, you should all know that I love me a good love story..and this one, whew.. :)

Shaylyn Nelson (blogger/photographer at captured this photo session of her grandparents, who have been married for 63 years! And I'm going to share Shaylyn's heart with you guys, because I think it's so important:

 This is simply a reminder to the world from the lens of a granddaughter who adores her grandparents and the love they share. I want to put hope and the true meaning of marriage back into the beating hearts around the globe. We are living, breathing and experiencing a world of instant gratification and noncommittal tendencies. We are so wrapped up in seeing the “instant-polariod pictures”, and not the huge hand-painted masterpiece of marriage that takes time, patience, passion, attention to detail, and hard work. What happened to being together forever? Why does our world look down on marriage so much now? It breaks my heart and even though I am ONE person…I have felt called to somehow, someway make a change. Nobody is perfect, but LOVE…LOVE is why we are here. Love is real, it’s unique for everyone and it has the power to change our world if we let it.
Marriage should be forever. It’s finding that person you pick to love and yet, drive you crazy, day in and day out. It’s more than color schemes, gorgeous gowns, perfectly crafted tables capes, and the perfect shoes. It’s growing old, hand in hand, wrinkle after wrinkle. It’s taking two heartbeats and working together to make one. It’s letting love win, always, no matter what.
Whomever is reading this…This right here is my heart. This right here is the most important thing I have ever been a part of and put together. As you read this, I am over here behind the scenes pouring out blood, sweat and tears into this passion project. I’m calling it Love, The Nelsons Project. I’m ready to show lovers around the world that true love still exists. There are so many love stories that we don’t know of out there waiting to be shared. The hard ones, big ones, small ones, beautiful ones, and stories that can change our lives and the way we view marriage. This is my pledge and my mission to find these stories and to document them over the course of the next year.
I want to put together something truly special…so here it goes! My goal is to compile a book of old love stories and that’s where I am asking for your help. I will travel to these couples, sit down and listen to their stories, interview them, and will photograph them together. Do you know of someone who has a love story that is worth knowing about? One that is worth sharing with the world to inspire, and that will help instill the true value and purpose of marriage back into our lives? The sky is the limit here! If I can impact one…just ONE marriage, ONE woman or man who are seeking their forever…my mission in life will be fulfilled. Help me tell these stories. Please e-mail me at and put “LTN Project- Old Love” in the subject line. I look forward to hearing from you!
There is so much more that I want to share here in this space, but please follow along my journey on instagram at @shalynnelson. Our hashtag will be #lovethenelsonsproject #oldlovebook
My grandparents have been married for 63 years. My Papaw planted a rose bush outside of their bedroom window when they built their house. He has always said, “Billie Wanda is the rose of my life…But it does have a few thorns here and there…”, which is the reason he’s holding a bushel of roses in some of the photos… :)
And to end this post, I’ll quote my Papaw…
“Walking through life together, but the trail’s getting short.”
Any information you need on the project? Find it: HERE and HERE!
3. This:

Or nah?

4. Big Bang Theory

I honestly don't think I could get bored of BBT. I remember sitting in "the boys apartment" in college and watching it for HOURS with my friends. And every time Howard opens his mouth, I still think of Garrett. (hi Gare!) 
I miss those times.

And since my lovely friend AB lent me all the seasons, I'm getting to relive those memories - and my favorite scene came on the other night:

Sheldon Cooper has a direct line to my funny bone.

5. night :)

Boyfriend man and I went to Uno's.

(Uno's is my love language.
And Rodeo Goat. Rodeo Goat is my love language.)

And we saw "Kingsman" - which, I may review in the next few days, so stay tuned!

It was a good night :)

- C

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