Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday's Mixtape [2015 Grammy's Edition]

I'm going to start this all off by saying..I didn't actually watch the Grammy's. 

*Shocked gasp by all who are reading* 

Yesterday I didn't feel good, which led to sitting on man friend's couch and watching ESPN instead. Because you know, the Russian side of "Miracle" was on - and he gets his way sometimes. (p.s. if you're really into hockey, I do totally recommend last nights 30 for 30 - it was called "Of Miracles and Men". It was interesting to see our "Miracle on Ice" from their side of things.)

But, I'm going to do a Grammy's post anyway. I thought I'd discuss the Album of the Year (and my favorite songs from the albums) and the red carpet. (yay pretty dresses!)

So, here goes:

1. Morning Phase - Beck (aka the winner of Album of the Year)

I'll admit, like millions of other people (I'm sorry, but it's true. The first step is admitting. That's what I hear anyway), that I have not listened to this album. Until today. Like 20 minutes before I started this post. But - I listened, and I like. Beck is super chill.

And I'm going to touch on the video-seen-round-the-world of Kanye trying to ruin yet another award show:

Ugh. Kanye.
And poor sweet Beck was like "no, go ahead please!" Heh.

I'll totally admit that I would have given Queen B the album of the year award too. But, upon looking at twitter this morning, this was brought to my attention:

Basically, sit down Kanye.

2. Beyonce - Beyonce

To my queen: I love "Partition"
Tis my jam.

Also, I love this shot from last night:


3. X - Ed Sheeran

"Tenerife Sea"

"I See Fire"

And "Thinking Out Loud". 
I have a major crush on this album! Ed is just great.

P.S. major props for dancing in "Thinking Out Loud", Ed. 

4. In the Lonely Hour - Sam Smith


"Make It To Me"

And obviously,

"Stay with Me"

I really don't care how many times I hear "Stay with Me". It gives me the chills every time. I can see Sam Smith having this total rock star 40 year career - and crushing it every time.

I can't wait for his next album.

5. "Girl" - Pharrell Williams

"Brand New" ft Justin Timberlake

The only reason I'm putting Pharrell on this list is because he was nominated. 

There, I said it to the world. And #sorryimnotsorry


Let's move onto the fashion! 


As if there was any doubt.. #flawless

I know someone out there is giggling at this pick. 
But Jane Fonda is on point.

Her hair is perfect, green is a great color on her, and she's not trying to look like she's 35.
So I totally applaud.

Normally, I don't like Gwen - but I love this. She doesn't look over the top (which she ALWAYS does), but she still sticks with her signature funky style. 
It's classic and interesting at the same time! 

Again, not a huge fan of her - but girl has slimmed down and looks awesome!
The subtle pink is a great addition to the LBD.

A+ for her new shorter hair too!

Love Anna.
Love this simple tux.
The end.

And as usual the Legend-Tiegan clan is killin' it.

Not Favorites, but Don't Hate Them:

I really wish someone would have said "Taylor, this would look really great as a short dress"
I would have high-fived that person.

The color looks great on her though. Ugh.

Taylor's besties, Haim, all look fine.

That's all. Just fine.

Kat Graham always does something a little different to awards shows, 
and always looks fine. 
This is another just fine, but not ugly moment.

A+ for the top not though.

Totally hate/ew:


Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Also, the dress. Really?

I'm pretty sure Charlie XCX's stylist hates her.

You're all aware of my sentiments about Pharrell from the above "Mixtape", but this is really about his wife. Home girl, that jogging suit? To an awards show? 

Are you sh*****g me?

(that was a tad dramatic, I apologize.) Not.

Ugly shape, ugly color, boring boring boring.

I don't think I'd be afraid to tell Madonna that her outfit was ugly to her face.
Someone should.

Also, for a real fun time - google what her outfit looked like from the back.


Rhianna. You're not 12. 
I don't get it?

*all photos via Getty, E!Online and*

Happy Monday!

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