Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Weekday Update. [2-18-15]

THANKFUL FOR: I'm very thankful this week for a job that allows me to work out on the job. I get to add a bit of cross training into my life AND get paid doing it! It's the most wonderful perk.

Me before our Valentine's ride last week! It looks super fun, right?

EATING: I've been eating mac and cheese like it's my job this week. (p.s. if anyone is ever hiring for that job, you have to let me know! I'm super qualified!) And little Cuties oranges. I've always been little obsessed with Cuties oranges (because they're super delicious), but the last week or two I've been buying bag after bag. If I go broke, it'll probably be because I bought too many Cuties. Or mac and cheese.

LISTENING TO: Diana Krall's new album, "Wallflower". My favorite is her cover of the Eagle's hit, "Desperado" - but the whole album is fantastic! If you're looking for something relaxing and beautiful, please listen.

I also have a big ol' girl crush on her hair. I love messy waves. 

FEELING: Sleepy - and my poor little feet hurt. I'm getting used to standing a lot more for work, and my shoes really don't have a lot of cushion, unfortunately. But, thankfully I had some time to stop by Academy after work and picked up (by suggestion of a coworker) a pair of Nike Frees! 

And to my new Frees, I say:

THINKING ABOUT: Naps. I think I always think about naps. After my update, I'm totally taking a nap. And then Valentine's date with the I'm thinking about that too :)

WATCHING:  Thanks to my wonderful friend, Amanda - I have been given seasons 1-7 of the Big Bang Theory! It's like being friends with Netflix. Which I'm sure would be the most incredible thing. Can I be best friends with Netflix? Anyone? Get back to me.

And I've been watching Taylor Swift's new video for "Style". 

It's pretty much everything I wanted in a video. And every time, I wonder if that boys eyes are really two colors. 

READING:  I'm still reading "The Age of Miracles". I'm a little behind on my reading, but that's mostly because I want to be best friends with Netflix.

Other noteworthy things to read:

- J.K. Rowling is the classiest.
- Finding out which 2015 Academy Award nominee that you are - and that's totally noteworthy because I got Emma Stone #girlcrush
10 Burning NFL Questions that we all wanna know. Okay, maybe just me.
- And Stars at Fashion Week 2015 from Us Weekly.

LOVING: Well, besides my Frees and Cuties, I'm loving the sunshine lately! All of my runs just feel so much better with the colder weather and sunshine. I kind of wish that Texas would never get hot, but stay 60 degrees and all kinds of bright and sunshine-y. 

Hope you're having a great week so far!